Samurai Legends Launch Announcement


We’re looking to launch on multiple top-tier launchpads on March 5th. These platforms will give the launch the exposure it needs and get the project off to a great start. After the final negotiations conclude, we’ll let the community know the exact launchpads in question, so stay tuned!

Getting Audited

Security is of utmost importance for any cryptocurrency project, and Samurai Legends is no different. We’ve teamed up with a top-tier third-party auditing firm to audit the $SMG, $KOKU, and staking smart contracts. Keep an eye out for more news on the audit closer to launch!


Throughout the $SMG migration process, users have been unable to cash out $INF earnings. This has posed a significant challenge to players, managers and scholars alike. As a result, we will be opening a $BUSD/$INF liquidity pool to allow users to cash out $INF before the launch. The pool will be static and allow a capped amount of $BUSD to be traded per day. The price will be fixed at $0.0024 per INF. Buying $INF will not be possible. Stay tuned for more information this week!

The Future

We’re looking forward to making Samurai Legends a massive success and are just as excited as all of you to get things started. Take a look at our 5 phase roadmap to understand what the future holds. Once again, thanks for your patience!



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